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Heist Society Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • Near a fountain in Paris—one without a Porsche in it, to be clear—Kat runs into her father.
  • She tells him she's on fall break, while she questions him in order to the bottom of his recent painting theft... He swears up and down that he didn't do it.
  • He has a good alibi, too: he was stealing something else that night. Zing.
  • The problem is, Taccone still thinks Kat's dad has the paintings. So Kat tries to convince her dad to talk to Taccone. Dear Old Dad doesn't seem too concerned though.
  • He does have one little issue he thinks Kat can help him with, however: the Interpol agents are on his tail. He asks her to get 'em off his trail.
  • Kat tells the French police that the Interpol agents harassed her, and they chase them away. Nice one, Kat. We're starting to really like you.
  • Then Kat goes to grab a cab, but a car pulls up behind her and sweeps her inside. A mysterious voice (the second one, so far) says, "Hello, Katarina" (4.74).

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