Study Guide

Heist Society Chapter 8

By Ally Carter

Chapter 8

  • Kat returns to Italy, and is dismayed to see that Hale has recruited Kat's cousin, Gabrielle, to the Taccone Painting Recovery Team. Gabrielle calls Kat "Kitty Kat" (8.4); Kat calls her "Eurotrash" (8.13). Feel the love.
  • At least Gabrielle has some helpful intel to offer. Hale had Gabrielle stake out Taccone's estate. There, she found a fifteen-foot stone wall, four guard towers, and a moat. Really, we're not kidding: a moat.
  • Without a plan, Kat, Hale, and Gabrielle head to Taccone's to try and figure out how to break in.
  • Looking at his estate, Kat decides that no one, not even the best of Kat Burglars (haha, we're funny) can break in. So she does the next best thing: she walks right up to Taccone's security camera and introduces herself.
  • She's got courage, that one.

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