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Heist Society Exploration

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One reason to read fiction is to get a different view of the world from the comfort of your own couch, bed, or toilet. How many of us would have lived through war-torn France during World War I, suffered through an endless New England winter, or visited Middle Earth without the help of a book? World travel is one major draw in Heist Society. Within the first 80 pages, Kat's travels to Italy, Las Vegas, New York, and England. And she pretty much sees the entire European Union before you turn the last page. We're guessing you'll be hunting for the sequel to see where Kat goes next. (Spoiler alert: it might just be Egypt.)

Questions About Exploration

  1. How many different places does Kat visit during her travels? Do you feel you get an accurate feel for these places?
  2. Of all of the places Kat travels to, where would you most want to go?
  3. Does Kat get any thrill out of globetrotting? Or are her travels merely functional—a means to an end?
  4. Do you wish that Ally Carter, the author of Heist Society, wrote about a real art museum instead of the fictional Henley museum? Why or why not?

Chew on This

Travel is like art: it provides you with little windows into the world. You get to see how people live, eat, look, and so on.

Heist Society's focus on travelling is less for Kat's sake—she's actually fairly jaded about the whole world travel thing—and more for our own. Her travels allow us to live glamorously, for just a moment, as we read this book.

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