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Heist Society Lies and Deceit

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Lies and Deceit

While a thief can have an honor code, let's face the facts: a thief wouldn't succeed without the uncanny ability to lie to your face. Kat seems to get by on just a few white lies throughout the book, like, "oh, dad, I'm still in school." And she's clearly happy to let Hale do the hardcore cons in Heist Society. We mean, come on, that guy hasn't even told Kat his real name. Deceit runs through his veins. But lies are all part of the job, don't you think? You can be a career liar and still be moral, right? Hm…

Questions About Lies and Deceit

  1. Do a con artist's lies and deceit really count, if we think of that con artist as "just doing her job"? 
  2. Where does one's job end and one's real life begin? How do you decide?
  3. Who does Kat deceive during the course of the novel—Taccone? Her own family? Herself?
  4. We're told that, "You cannot con an honest man. But if you do... You'll regret it" (20.35 – 20.36). What do you think this quote means? How would the consequences of conning an honest man be different than conning a dishonest man?

Chew on This

When Kat tries to live an honest life by attending the Colgan School, it turns out she's just deceiving herself. Funny how that works. Thieving is in her blood.

Perhaps Kat's family has conned her into working with them again. It starts with a con—Hale framing Kat at the Colgan School—and by the end of the book, we still don't know who Visily Romani is. Maybe it's Kat's dad after all.

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