Study Guide

Heist Society Morality and Ethics

By Ally Carter

Morality and Ethics

So, thieves are all about honor, family, respect, reputation, lies, and deceit. Confused yet? This seemingly hypocritical lifestyle causes some strife for Kat, too. Being a thief with a moral code isn't easy. It's kind of like being Dexter, only without the murder.Ā 

One of Kat's main inner conflicts is: sm I as bad as Arturo Taccone? Sure, Kat lies, cheats, and steals, but she hasn't blown anyone up, and she doesn't require her crew to get branded as though they're in Project Mayhem. So, is she good, or just not as bad as some people? Perhaps morality is something that only exists on a sliding scale. Maybe nothing is black or white.

Questions About Morality and Ethics

  1. Do you think Kat and her band of thieves are "ethical"? Why or why not?
  2. Kat steals paintings that were taken by the Nazis back during WWII, in order to return them to their rightful owners. Is it ethical to steal something if it has already been stolen, and you intend to give it back to the original owner?
  3. Was it right for Kat's father to get her into the family business at such a young age? Why or why not?
  4. Is it ethical to keep art all to yourself, like Arturo Taccone does, or should it be in a museum for everyone to see?

Chew on This

Morality is all about context. To the average person, thieves like Kat appear immoral. But there are different shades of morality within the thieving world. Arturo Taccone, for example, is pretty nasty compared to most people.

Your moral code is based on how you were raised. Since Kat was raised to be a thief practically from birth, she doesn't see anything wrong with it.

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