Study Guide

Heist Society Respect and Reputation

By Ally Carter

Respect and Reputation

You wouldn't think that a thief would be known for honor. But if video games have taught us anything, it's that thieving is all about respect and reputation, at least it is if you're a raccoon from a long line of thieves (like Sly Cooper) or a self-proclaimed "treasure hunter" with a half tucked-in shirt (like Nathan Drake). We think Heist Society's Katarina Bishop is a little bit Sly Cooper and a little bit Nathan Drake, with a pinch of Lara Croft's sex appeal and survival instinct. What we mean is: you can trust her word. You might not be able to trust her with your Renoir, but her word is priceless.

Questions About Respect and Reputation

  1. How does Kat's stint at the Colgan School affect her reputation with her fellow thieves?
  2. Kat seems to think Gabrielle is a ditz. Do you think Gabrielle has really earned this reputation, or is Kat mistaken? What might Kat have against Gabrielle?
  3. How did Taccone earn his reputation as a dangerous guy? Do you think Taccone is as dangerous as his reputation leads people to believe, or is he all talk and no action?

Chew on This

A thief's career is made or broken by her reputation. Every job counts, and mistakes are never forgotten.

Thieves aren't the only ones whose reputations precede them. The Henley has a reputation as a highly secure art museum, and Kat ruins that. So, Kat gains a rep as a Prime Thief at the expense of others' good statuses, including that of the Henley and its director, Wainwright.

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