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Heist Society The Home

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The Home

People with millions of dollars often have more than one home. Maybe a nice cabin in Maine, a mansion in Beverly Hills, a bungalow in Florida. But which one of these houses do you think they call "home"? In Heist Society, Kat doesn't have any home at all. This simplifies things for her, especially compared to Hale, whose family might have an estate in every time zone. Hale doesn't seem to feel comfortable in any of those houses. Perhaps money can buy you houses, but it cannot buy you a home. And, in Kat's case, maybe it's not possible to have a home without some kind of family, either…

Questions About The Home

  1. Where does Kat feel most at home? How about Hale? What about Gabrielle?
  2. Do you think Kat would have ever felt at home at the Colgan School? Why or why not?
  3. Why is Uncle Eddie one of the only thieves with a permanent home?
  4. Where do you think Kat's dad believes his home is?

Chew on This

You've heard the phrase, "home is where the heart is." Maybe, to Kat, "home is where the art is." Sorry, we couldn't resist. Once the groans die down, think about how comfortable Kat is when she's pulling off a big heist. Maybe she feels most at home doing what she loves. Maybe you do, too.

Until Kat comes to terms with her own identity as a thief, she might never feel truly at home anywhere she goes.

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