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Heist Society Women

By Ally Carter

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While it may or may not be a man's world anymore, the world Kat lives in is definitely a man's world. Think of all the heist movies you've seen or games you've played. Who are the stars? George Clooney. Clive Owen.  Nathan Drake. That's some testosterone overload, bro. Heist Society's Kat definitely breaks the mold. Not only is she young, but she has two X chromosomes. Plus, contrary to your average chauvinist's belief, she's skilled, levelheaded, and gets the job done. We have a feeling that the fabled Visily Romani might just be a woman, too… Guess we'll have to read the sequel to find out.

Questions About Women

  1. Do the men in Kat's life treat her differently because she is female?
  2. How would Heist Society be different if Kat were male, or if the focus were on Hale's story?
  3. Does Kat treat Gabrielle fairly, or does she look down on Gabrielle for being a supposedly flirty female?
  4. Why are the boys so surprised when Kat wears a dress? What does this say about their perceptions of Kat?

Chew on This

Thieving is a man's world. Heck, the whole world seems like a man's world at times. But being a thief gives Kat some power in a male-driven world. Maybe that's why she does it.

Heist Society pulls off a nifty little gender reversal by having Kat, both a female and a teenager, save her father, an adult male.

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