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Henry IV Part 1 Act 4, Scene 3

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Act 4, Scene 3

Read the full text of Henry IV Part 1 Act 4 Scene 3 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • At the rebel camp, Hotspur says he wants to fight the king's forces that evening, but Vernon and Worcester try to talk him out of it – they don't have all their troops together yet and the king's army outnumbers theirs.
  • Douglas calls Worcester a chicken.
  • Sir Walter Blunt arrives from the king's camp with a peace offering from King Henry. All will be forgiven if the rebels disband and say they're sorry for being bad.
  • Hotspur lays out the Percy family's beef with the king and Walter Blunt says he doesn't want to hear it – the Percys should take the deal.
  • Hotspur says he'll think about it and Blunt returns to the king's camp.

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