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Henry IV Part 1 Warfare

By William Shakespeare

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Throughout Henry IV Part 1 we're reminded that civil war is a family affair, one that threatens to tear apart the collective kingdom. The play begins and ends with portrayals of warfare and promises that civil strife will continue in the sequel, Henry IV Part 2. In the play, war is largely associated with masculinity and honor. For Prince Hal especially, the battlefield is a place for redemption and transformation. While several members of the nobility attempt to elevate the physical horrors of war to something lofty and noble, the play also gives voice (via Falstaff) to the idea that the violence of warfare is meaningless and hollow.

Questions About Warfare

  1. Why does King Henry want to lead his country on a crusade in Jerusalem? What's he trying to accomplish?
  2. What is Hotspur's attitude toward warfare? What do his ideas about battle tell us about his character?
  3. The play begins and ends with the violence of war. Why do you think Shakespeare chose to structure his play in this way?
  4. How does Falstaff behave on the battlefield at Shrewsbury? Why does Hal get angry with him? Is Hal right to be upset?

Chew on This

In Henry IV Part 1 warfare is an exclusively masculine realm with no room for women or effeminacy.

In Shakespeare's play, warfare is portrayed as a family affair in order to demonstrate the unnaturalness of civil war.

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