Study Guide

Henry V Allusions

By William Shakespeare

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Main Literary Sources

  • Chronicles, Volume III by R. Holinshed (1587)
  • The Famous Victories of Henry V (anonymous play)
  • The Union of the Two Illustrious Families of Lancaster and York by Edward Hall (published 1542)

Historical Figures

  • King Henry V (1386-1422)
  • Henry Chichele, Archbishop of Canterbury (d.1433)
  • John Fordham, Bishop of Ely (d.1425)
  • Humphrey, Duke Of Gloucester (Henry's brother) (1390-1447)
  • John of Lancaster, Duke Of Bedford (Henry's brother) (1389-1435)
  • Thomas Beaufort, first Duke Of Exeter (Henry's uncle) (1377-1426)
  • Edward of Norwich, second Duke Of York (Henry's cousin) (1373-1415)
  • Thomas Montacute, fourth Earl of Salisbury (1388-1428)
  • Ralph Neville, first Earl of Westmorland (d.1425)
  • Richard de Beauchamp, thirteenth Earl of Warwick (1382-1439)
  • Richard of Conisburgh, third earl of Cambridge (1375-1415)
  • Henry Scrope, third Baron Scrope of Masham (1376-1415)
  • Thomas Grey (1384–1415)
  • King Charles VI King of France (1368-1422)
  • Isabeau (a.k.a. Isabel) of Bavaria, Queen of France (c.1371-1435)
  • Catherine de Valois (1401-1437)
  • Lewis, Dauphin of France (1397-1415)
  • Charles d'Albret, the Constable of France (1370-1435)

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