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Henry V Act 4, Scene 6

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Act 4, Scene 6

Read the full text of Henry V Act 4 Scene 6 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • On the battlefield, it seems pretty clear that the English are the victors. Still, the fighting's not over.
  • Exeter shows up and debriefs King Henry: The Earl of Suffolk and the Duke of York have been killed in battle.
  • Through tears, Exeter describes how a wounded and bloody York spotted his dead cousin (Suffolk) and lay down beside him to die.
  • Exeter apologizes for crying like a sissy but Henry says it's okay – the story has moved him to tears also. (Go to "Themes: Gender" if you want to know more about the relationship between war and masculinity.)
  • When Henry hears an alarum (a call to arms that signals the French are sending in reinforcements), he's all "Oh no they didn't!" and orders his soldiers to kill all the French war prisoners.
  • Pistol cries out "Coup la gorge!" (Cut the throat!)

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