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Henry VI Part 1 Act 3, Scene 3

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Act 3, Scene 3

Read the full text of Henry VI Part 1 Act 3 Scene 3 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • When the next scene opens, Joan is telling the French nobles that it's really not so bad—she says if they'll just listen to her, she'll straighten it all out.
  • Charles says one small setback won't keep him from trusting Joan, and the others agree; Alencon even says they'll honor her like a saint.
  • Joan unfolds her plan. More spy stuff going down. She thinks they can convince Burgundy to come over to their side, with a little persuasion and some "sugared words" (3.3.18).
  • Everyone agrees that the plan is a good one.
  • Joan says you can hear the English drums as they march toward Paris. The Duke of Burgundy is in the back, so they can talk to him alone.
  • They manage to get an audience with Burgundy. He seems skeptical at first, but Joan gives a pretty awesome speech about how he has wounded France by helping the English. She begs him to turn his sword against the invading English and protect his country.
  • Burgundy is impressed. He can't tell if Joan is bewitching him with words, or if by nature he should be supporting France and he is now just coming to realize it.
  • Joan presses her advantage. She says when English Henry is lord of France, they'll shove Burgundy out of power—England has recently failed to do what Burgundy wants, and it will hardly get better when the English have more power. She welcomes Burgundy back and pleads with him to return to the French side.
  • Burgundy says her words have battered him like shots from a cannon, and he can't hold out against them. He'll come back to the French side. The French have a big group hug to celebrate.
  • The others welcome him back and Alencon praises Joan for getting Burgundy to change sides. According to Alencon, Joan deserves a coronet of gold.
  • Charles encourages them all to battle.

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