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Henry VI Part 1 Act 3, Scene 4

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Act 3, Scene 4

Read the full text of Henry VI Part 1 Act 3 Scene 4 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • Unaware of the cloak and dagger stuff going on behind his back, Talbot is back with the English lords and the king, now in France. He greets the king, noting along the way that he's reclaimed fifty fortresses, twelve cities, and seven walled towns, not to mention five hundred esteemed prisoners. Not bad.
  • He tells the king he's loyal and that he gives credit for all this first to God, then to the king.
  • The king is pleased to meet him and recalls how his father used to praise Talbot. He praises Talbot himself, then makes him Earl of Shrewsbury.
  • Meanwhile, the friends of York and Somerset are still quarrelling. The scene ends with an argument between Vernon and Basset about them.

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