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Henry VI Part 2 Act 4, Scene 10

By William Shakespeare

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Act 4, Scene 10

Read the full text of Henry VI Part 2 Act 4 Scene 10 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • Things aren't looking too good for Cade. He's been roaming the woods and hasn't eaten in five days. Now he's hiding out in Iden's garden, searching for food.
  • Looks like Iden is home, so the whole breaking-and-entering thing might not go down so well.
  • Actually, Iden has no intention of hurting Cade. He sees Cade in his garden, and then Cade just up and threatens him. Can you believe the nerve of this guy?
  • Iden doesn't want to fight with a man who is clearly weak. He asks Cade why he's being so rude.
  • Cade doesn't want to talk, so he draws his sward on Iden. The two men fight, combat-style, and Cade is fatally stabbed. He says his name is Cade, and Iden realizes who it is he's just killed.
  • In his dying words, Cade is quick to point out that he was beaten "by famine, not by valor." Translation: he wouldn't have lost that fight if he hadn't been starving. He wouldn't want anyone thinking he was weak or anything.
  • Iden tells his men to throw the body in a dunghill for the crows to feed on, and he'll take the head to the king.

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