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George (Duke of Clarence) in Henry VI Part 3

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George (Duke of Clarence)

York's son George becomes Duke of Clarence (and then sometimes goes by "Clarence") after his dad dies. He's not around at first, since he's in France, but once he joins up with his brothers Edward and Richard, he helps out with the war against Henry.

Until he gets a new sister-in-law, that is. George hates Lady Grey and thinks it's a bad move for his brother to marry her, so he teams up with Warwick to fight on Margaret's side. Then he has a change of heart again and goes back to fight with his brothers against Warwick. It's all very flavor of the week.

What's with all the flip-flopping? You'd think that switching sides when your family and your king are involved would at least require a bit of thought, but George pretty much just does it on a whim. It's as if he—like others in the play—doesn't really understand the consequences of his actions and is mostly focused on his own emotions and desires.

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