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Rutland in Henry VI Part 3

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Poor Rutland. He's just a pawn in a game that's much bigger than him.

The young Edmund, Earl of Rutland is getting a tutoring session when Clifford and his men take him hostage and kill him. Clifford is trying to get back at Rutland's dad (York) for killing his own father. The nastiness doesn't stop there: after Rutland dies, Margaret takes a hanky dipped in Rutland's blood and waves it around in his father's face. Um, yeah—not so nice.

Rutland might be young, but he's certainly bold. He pleads with Clifford for his life, and when that doesn't work, he proclaims, "Di faciant laudis summa sit ista tuae." Translation: "May the gods cause your action to be that which makes you best known." Basically, Rutland is saying, " Go ahead and kill me, but that will be all you're known for." Creepy last words, and in Latin? This kid knows how to play the game.

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