Study Guide

Henry VI Part 3 Act 4, Scene 1

By William Shakespeare

Act 4, Scene 1

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  • Richard and George talk about their brother Edward's wedding. They think Edward should have waited to tie the knot until Warwick returned.
  • Edward, Lady Grey, and some courtiers enter, and right away, Edward asks his brothers what they think of his new bride.
  • George says he likes her as much as Lewis and Warwick do… so not at all. No offence, Lady Grey.
  • Some taken, counters Edward: I'm the king and you'll do what I say.
  • Where have we heard that before?
  • Maybe Edward won't be king for long, George points out. Sure, he's the king now, but he's just gone and totally dissed King Lewis of France and Warwick with this union. And for what?
  • Who cares, Edward replies. Montague jumps in and says it would have been really helpful if they had an ally in France. Hastings, however, thinks England is strong enough by itself.
  • Then Richard jumps in to say that Edward just set up other marriages but has never once thought of him. Where's Richard's wife?
  • Edward doesn't care. He tells Richard—and everyone else—that he's the king, so they should do as he says. Lady Grey interrupts his little pity party by saying that his brothers are ruining her day. Edward comforts her as the mail arrives.
  • The mailman delivers the news that Warwick has switched sides, Lewis is sending troops to back Henry... and oh, yeah: Margaret is putting armor on, too.
  • Edward is taken aback at the news, but forewarned is forearmed, he supposes.
  • George steps up and says he's had enough of Edward calling the shots and messing stuff up. He's done with Edward, and he plans to marry Warwick's other daughter so that he'll still have a tie to him. Take that, Edward.
  • George and Somerset leave and ask anyone else who is on their side to do the same.
  • Richard stays. Don't be fooled: as he says, he's not actually on Edward's side. He just wants the crown for himself, so he'll stick around.
  • Edward can't believe that George and Somerset deserted him. He checks in with Montague and Hastings to make sure they're still on his side: yes and yes.
  • Edward says victory will be theirs, but we're not so sure everyone is as confident as he is.