Study Guide

Henry VI Part 3 Act 5, Scene 5

By William Shakespeare

Act 5, Scene 5

Read the full text of Henry VI Part 3 Act 5 Scene 5 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • Back at the palace, all our favorite players from both sides enter. We figure that Edward has won the war because he orders that Oxford be sent to Hames Castle (a prison) and Somerset's head be cut off.
  • Young Prince Edward has a few things to say before Edward decides what to do with him. He's being held prisoner, but he demands that Edward give up his throne. He calls Edward a traitor.
  • Richard and George go back and forth with Edward. Each side calls the other the rudest things they can think of before Edward finally stabs Prince Edward.
  • After seeing her son stabbed, Margaret says she wants to die. Richard offers to do it, but Edward stops him. Edward notices that she swooned, and he thinks they've done enough.
  • Richard tells George to tell Edward that he has to attend to a serious matter at the Tower. He excuses himself.
  • Margaret mourns her son and calls Edward and George murderers. She begs to be killed as well, but Edward orders for her to be taken away instead.
  • Edward asks where Richard is, and George says he's gone to the Tower.
  • Well, no matter, because Edward needs to check on his own queen: she's pregnant and in labor, so he might have a son soon.