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Griffith and Capuchius in Henry VIII

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Griffith and Capuchius

These two dudes aren't in the play very long. Griffith is Katherine's usher (her servant), and Capuchius is an ambassador from her father, the King of Spain. Both men help Katherine out by staying by her side after she's been bumped from the throne and shipped off to Kimbolton.

We don't get to know either man very well, aside from the fact that Katherine calls Griffith an "honest chronicler" (4.2.79). She's impressed with the kind way that he speaks about Wolsey after his death, and she wants Griffith to eulogize her as well. Likewise, Capuchius is trusted with a special task by Katherine: she wants him to deliver a letter to the king.

Even though these men exit as soon as we meet them, we get a sense that they are trustworthy and honorable, unlike many of the play's other characters.

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