Study Guide

Henry VIII Act 5, Scene 2

By William Shakespeare

Act 5, Scene 2

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  • Rushing to the council meeting, Cranmer hopes he's not too late. He's about to go into the Council Chamber when a keeper stops him.
  • Dr. Butts, the king's doctor, enters and remarks that there must be malice in the air. Then he leaves.
  • Cranmer says to himself that it's strange that he—one of the council member—has to wait outside.
  • He hopes Butts will be a pal and be nice to him. Butts and Henry look out of a window above Cranmer.
  • Butts points out Cranmer to the king, and says it's strange for the Archbishop of Canterbury to rub elbows with pages and footboys outside.
  • You're right, Henry says. That is Cranmer waiting outside. Wait, so that means something is not right. It's a trap!
  • Henry decides they will hear about it later, but for now, should keep watching the council meeting from above.