Study Guide

Henry VIII Act 5, Scene 4

By William Shakespeare

Act 5, Scene 4

Read the full text of Henry VIII Act 5 Scene 4 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • In the palace yard, a group gathers for the baby's christening. A Porter is trying to stop people from shouting and make it a civilized bash.
  • The Porter argues with various peeps trying to get in and see more. He's got to hold the gate so that no one can enter who's not supposed to be there.
  • The people waiting to see the christening are the same lowlifes who shout at executions or go to the playhouse. (Shakespeare is totally making a joke at his audience's expense here.)
  • When the Lord Chamberlain sees all this, he snaps at the Porter. This is a royal christening, and he's letting rascals shout? Get it together, man.
  • The Porter worries that the king will blame him directly for all the commotion.
  • Sound the trumpets, because the royal family is on their way back from the christening.