Study Guide

Henry VIII Act 5, Scene 5

By William Shakespeare

Act 5, Scene 5

Read the full text of Henry VIII Act 5 Scene 5 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • All kinds of important peeps enter. The Mayor, Garter, Alderman, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cranmer, and of course the royals themselves.
  • The Garter presents the baby—Princess Elizabeth—to the crowd. In case you missed it, this baby is totally the future Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Cranmer kneels and prays for comfort and joy for the happy royal fam. Then he baptizes the baby and gives her a blessing and a kiss on the head.
  • Henry thanks Cranmer, but Cranmer isn't done yet. He delivers a long speech about how wonderful Elizabeth will be for England. She'll be a great ruler, loved by the people but feared by them as well. When Elizabeth dies, all her goodness and truth will continue in the next ruler after her.
  • Let's not get ahead of ourselves—she's only a baby at this point, right? But the king is blown away by Cranmer's vision for his baby daughter.
  • Then Henry tells Cranmer that his speech made him a happy guy. He's never been this happy before. Now he can't wait to see what his girl does.
  • He thanks Anne for having the baby, and he makes the day a public holiday.