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The Fashionable Ladies in Here Be Monsters! An Adventure Involving Magic, Trolls, and Other Creatures; The Ratbridge Chronicles Volume 1

By Alan Snow

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The Fashionable Ladies

These women have fashion on the brain—and it's some pretty bizarre fashion at that. For one thing, they have interesting-shaped bottoms: "Round ones, cone-shaped ones, pyramidal ones, cuboid ones, and some that defied description. All, large and wobbling like jellies" (12.9). On top of that, they're wearing "ridiculously high-heeled shoes, which seemed to have been specifically designed to make walking close to impossible" (12.10). Okay, ladies. Seems like they have more fashion sense than common sense.

When Madame Froufrou (a.k.a. Snatcher in disguise) basically sells them fashion advice, they are eager to give up their money. One of the women who offers up the most money is labeled a "fashion angel" (13.55), and she "squeaked as she made her way toward the stage. Looks of hatred and envy followed her" (13.57). So these ladies are not only gullible, they're also competitive and catty. Good to know.

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