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Here Be Monsters! An Adventure Involving Magic, Trolls, and Other Creatures; The Ratbridge Chronicles Volume 1 Chapter 23

By Alan Snow

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Chapter 23

Out on the Roof!

  • It's raining while Arthur is stuck there on the roof, and he moves around in order to get a better view of what's happening inside the Cheese Hall.
  • The men are hoisting up the captured cheeses into the loft, where they're put in pens. Arthur reenters the hall through a window, and lands in the hay among the cheeses.
  • He hears Gristle talking about needing to feed the Great One after they zap him, and the men begin to corral the cheeses into a cage anchored to the top of the hall's dome.
  • Gristle says something about the Great One being ready soon, so long as they can keep up the supply of cheeses and monsters.
  • That doesn't sound ominous, right?
  • They load up the cheeses, and the cage they're in descends through a hole. The men leave it there for a few minutes, and then pull the cage back up to the loft. When they do, all that's left inside are a few strings of melted cheese.
  • The men leave to go have tea.
  • Arthur is not quite sure what just happened, but he knows it was something bad.

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