Study Guide

Here Be Monsters! An Adventure Involving Magic, Trolls, and Other Creatures; The Ratbridge Chronicles Volume 1 Chapter 4

By Alan Snow

Chapter 4

Into the Town

  • Arthur watches the cheese hunt (with nine cheeses in tow) enter town through the west gate.
  • He flies over the procession as they walk through the streets, but his shadow (which is reminiscent of a Cheese Hawk) spooks one of the cheeses.
  • The cheeses freak out and try to bolt, which directs the procession's attention to Arthur.
  • Right then, his wings malfunction (thanks, banana lady) and he drops to the ground.
  • Their head dude, Snatcher, tries to get a closer look at Arthur's wings, but one wing pokes Snatcher in the left eye, so he lets Arthur go.
  • Arthur tries to fly away, but his wings give out again. Snatcher and the hounds corner him.
  • Snatcher takes the wings, and tells Arthur that he's lucky that the wings poked Snatcher in his glass eye—or else there'd be real trouble!
  • While Snatcher is distracted by looking at the wings, Arthur manages to climb over a wall separating the yard they're in from the street.
  • The hounds come after him before he can get down the drain cover that would take him home to Grandfather.
  • Arthur huddles by a door while Snatcher's men begin to look for him. Suddenly the door opens, and something grabs Arthur and yanks him inside.

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