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Here Be Monsters! An Adventure Involving Magic, Trolls, and Other Creatures; The Ratbridge Chronicles Volume 1 Chapter 52

By Alan Snow

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Chapter 52


  • Arthur starts to fly out of the lab, but then goes back to the mice in the bottle that he remembered seeing earlier.
  • As he exits the Cheese Hall, a blast of yellow knocks him down. Arthur manages to poke a hole in the yellow filmy stuff—it's cheese—and stand up.
  • Willbury, Marjorie, and the rest of the crew are okay once they get out from under the blanket of cheese.
  • Everyone guesses what happened to Framley. But where's Snatcher?
  • Suddenly there's a rumble. The foundation under the Cheese Hall has been washed away, and so the Cheese Hall begins to sink into the ground.
  • Everyone backs away as the building disappears into the ground. When it's gone, all that's left is a hole in the ground filled with water (and covered with a film of cheese).
  • It seems like things are headed toward a happy ending, at least until Marjorie points out that she's still too tiny. Arthur grabs her resizing machine prototype… but where will they get the size from?
  • They all set off for the ship, just as the townspeople arrive to gape at the hole where the Cheese Hall once was. No one notices a Snatcher-sized bump in the cheese film near the top of a nearby building.

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