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Here Be Monsters! An Adventure Involving Magic, Trolls, and Other Creatures; The Ratbridge Chronicles Volume 1 Chapter 55

By Alan Snow

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Chapter 55

Measure for Measure

  • For the next few weeks, Arthur stays busy helping everyone with cleaning and repairing things around town and underground.
  • The court date against Snatcher and his minions arrives, but they don't show up, so the court awards Herbert and Grandfather the property that the Cheese Hall once stood on.
  • Now it's a giant hole filled with water, so they get the idea to turn it into a swimming pool and charge admission; the pirates act as lifeguards and everyone's happy with the deal.
  • At some point, a Parisian lady arrives in town, and the fashionable Ratbridge ladies ask her if oddly-shaped buttocks are in fashion. The lady responds with horror.
  • The Ratbridge ladies eventually storm the ship, demanding to have their buttocks resized with the resizing machine they've heard of. Marjorie agrees, and charges them money plus their mini-critters they've been keeping as pets.
  • So they're able to resize the underlings that were shrunk, and Marjorie, too, all while turning a profit. Once all the resizing is done, Willbury has Herbert destroy the resizer to prevent it from being used for evil again.
  • Marjorie decides to go into another area of invention, one that's less dangerous, and Arthur asks to be her assistant.
  • They have a party on the ship to celebrate. Grandfather, Arthur, and Willbury all agree that even though Ratbridge is weird, they like it there.

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