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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Chapter 12

By Douglas Adams

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Chapter 12

  • Meanwhile, back on the bridge of the Heart of Gold, Zaphod is listening to the news, which is all about how he stole the Heart of Gold—which he should know, so why is he listening to the news?
  • Trillian interrupts him to tell him all about how weird it is that the ship picked up a couple of hitchhikers in sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, because that's where Trillian is from.
  • Zaphod doesn't remember that's how he got here, which leads Trillian to wonder whether he's (a) really dumb, (b) playing dumb out of laziness, or (c) playing dumb to make people underestimate him.
  • Zaphod wants to work out how improbable it was to pick up those guys, so he starts to use the computer, named Eddie. Eddie is very friendly and wants to help, which makes everyone hate Eddie.
  • Trillian asks a smart question (finally, someone here is smart and not annoying; yay for Trillian): can they see the two guys on any of their security monitors?

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