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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Chapter 13

By Douglas Adams

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Chapter 13

  • Meanwhile, Marvin leads Arthur and Ford to the bridge, where the two groups of people meet. We can finally stop saying "meanwhile."
  • Zaphod is totally relaxed, but "Ford was not going to be outcooled" (13.27).
  • So both of them pretend like this is all totally ordinary: it's totally ordinary to be picked up after being thrown out an airlock.
  • Unfortunately, they both lose their cool when Arthur claims to know Zaphod. Apparently, Zaphod crashed a party on Earth onceā€”and went by the normal name "Phil." Also, we should note that he had only one head and one arm at the time, which is why it was a boring party.
  • The party was in Islington. Ah, now we remember that comment about a phone number for an Islington apartment in Chapter 8. Now, at this party, Arthur was trying to talk to a great woman. But then "Phil" interrupted by saying she should come with him since he was an alien.
  • And guess what? Trillian was the woman at the party. Her Earth name is Tricia McMillian, which is cool but not nearly as space-sounding as "Trillian." By the by, that's also how Shmoop got its name. Its Earth name was Shubert Hinklemoop.
  • Trillian decided to come to space because what was she going to do on Earth with degrees in math and astrophysics? Wall Street would be our guess these days.

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