Study Guide

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Chapter 14

By Douglas Adams

Chapter 14

  • After that weird meeting, everyone tries to sleep.
  • Trillian can't sleep and watches her white mice play until that gets boring. Then she goes to the bridge to see where everyone is.
  • Zaphod can't sleep because he's thinking about how he doesn't seem to be all there: he does stuff but he's never entirely sure why he does stuff.
  • Ford can't sleep because he's worried about Zaphod's plan.
  • Arthur can't sleep… actually, scratch that. Arthur sleeps.
  • Trillian wakes up Zaphod because they have arrived at their destination. Ford comes to the bridge because he can't sleep.
  • Zaphod is very happy because they've reached their destination, an amazing and improbable planet that… well, we'll probably hear more about it in the next chapter.