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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Chapter 16

By Douglas Adams

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Chapter 16

  • Arthur gets woken up by an argument between Ford and Zaphod. Zaphod argues that the planet is Magrathea, while Ford argues that Magrathea is just a myth.
  • Zaphod tries to prove the planet is Magrathea by pointing out distinctive features, like the fact that it has two suns. What a show-offy planet.
  • Arthur is amazed by the planet, but he also wishes he had a cup of tea. Tea is a drug that has ruined Britain. Just say no.
  • While Ford and Zaphod continue to argue and look at the planet, Arthur adds: "The suspense is killing me" (51). This leads the narrator to note that stress is a serious problem, so to avoid suspense, the narrator will tell the reader a few things right now:
  • (A) The planet is Magrathea.
  • (B) Missiles are about to be launched at the Heart of Gold, but no one will be seriously hurt—though Trillian's mice cage will get broken.
  • (C) Someone will get a bruise on his or her arm, but to preserve some suspense, the narrator won't tell us who.

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