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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Chapter 18

By Douglas Adams

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Chapter 18

  • And then everything is okay. The interior of the ship is a little different—there are plants and comfortable chairs, and Ford has a drink in his hand. All in all, it's a good change.
  • Instead of changing where they were, the Improbability Drive changed things around them. So not only has the ship's bridge changed, but the two missiles have changed as well.
  • One of them has changed into a sperm whale. And the other has changed into a bowl of petunias.
  • And now we get the thoughts of that poor, sweet, doomed sperm whale as it falls out of the sky and onto the planet.
  • The whale is confused but excited, with the wind rushing through its, uh, not hair, but whatever whales have instead of hair. Or do whales have hair?
  • The whale tries to figure out its place in the universe. It also wants to be friends with the ground, but the ground doesn't want to be friends with the whale. The whale falls out of the sky and meets the ground.
  • Exit poor, sweet sperm whale.
  • Meanwhile (argh, another one), the bowl of petunias thinks only "Oh no, not again" (18.36) before crashing and dying.

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