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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Chapter 24

By Douglas Adams

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Chapter 24

  • Slartibartfast takes Arthur into the planet, where all the cool nightclubs are.
  • Actually, Slartibartfast is taking Arthur into the hyperspace dimension-place-thingy where they build planets. It's not really inside the planet, but that's how you get there.
  • Right now, they are building a new planet here—a second Earth, because, as Slartibartfast explains, they made the first one, too.
  • Slartibartfast is very proud of the fjords of Norway, which he won an award for.
  • He also explains that it was the mice that paid for Earth, because they were in fact hyperintelligent pandimensional beings that just look like mice in our dimension. Not just cheese-sniffing pe(s)ts. They had bought Earth as a giant computer to run a special program.
  • None of this makes any sense to Arthur, so Slartibartfast offers to explain.

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