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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Chapter 34

By Douglas Adams

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Chapter 34

  • What Slartibartfast doesn't tell them, besides his favorite place to brunch on Sundays, is that the button makes the aircar go very fast.
  • Arthur and the others very soon find themselves at the Heart of Gold spaceship. Next to it is the policemen's spaceship, which seems totally dead, sort of like the policemen.
  • No one else is curious, but Ford (again) goes to check it out and discovers that the computer is dead and Marvin is lying face down on the ground nearby.
  • Marvin explains that he was talking to this new ship—until the ship committed suicide. That also explains why the police died.
  • (If you're keeping track, this makes the most dangerous things in this book: the Vogon fleet, Marvin's depression, and Vogon poetry. There's got to be a lesson here, but we can't figure out what it is.)

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