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The Hobbit, or, There and Back Again Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

The Last Stage

  • When Bilbo and Gandalf ride into Rivendell, the elves are singing a song of welcome.
  • Gandalf tells Elrond all about their adventures in the North.
  • Bilbo has a grand old time at Elrond's house: "Weariness fell from him soon [...] and he had many a merry jest and dance, early and late, with the elves of the valley" (19.11).
  • But before long, Bilbo and Gandalf ride out to Hobbiton.
  • On the way, they stop to pick up the bags of troll treasure they left buried at the side of the road over a year before.
  • When Bilbo arrives at Bag-End, he finds that his relatives (the Sackville-Bagginses, but of course) have declared him dead and are selling off all of his stuff!
  • Bilbo manages to prove that he is still alive.
  • But he has lost his reputation for being a totally respectable, ordinary hobbit.
  • Everyone in The Hill thinks he's a bit weird now.
  • But Bilbo doesn't mind: he's happy to be at home, with his trusty dagger little sword hanging over the mantelpiece.
  • Some years later, Gandalf and Balin happen to be passing by.
  • Balin tells Bilbo the good news that the area around the Lonely Mountain has grown rich and peaceful.
  • The men around the area sing songs that "the rivers run with gold" (19.34).
  • Bilbo laughs: "Then the prophecies of the old songs have turned out to be true after a fashion!" (19.35).
  • Gandalf points out that Bilbo shouldn't doubt prophecies just because he had a part in making them come true.
  • It's not like everything that happened in these adventures were solely for Bilbo's own good!
  • After all, Bilbo is "only quite a little fellow in a wide world" (19.36).
  • Bilbo replies, "Thank goodness!" (19.37), and passes the tobacco.

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