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Ashley in Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

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Sam describes Ashley, the harbinger June Walker sends to help with his captivity situation, as "Death in saddle shoes" (20). She looks pretty innocent in pigtails and a Catholic schoolgirl outfit, but she really has a massive amount of knowledge about death, particularly when it comes to necromancy. And she's pretty feisty, too. "I'm blunt, which bothers some people," she tells Sam. "And I slapped you in the face" (21.7). Aw, we like her already.

What's really interesting about Ashley is that this constantly texting ten-year-old is an unlikely candidate for the role of guide or mentor typically filled by fictional favorites like Gandalf and Glinda the Good Witch. But guide she does. Ashley explains the finer points of the necromancy ritual to Sam, delivers details of his whereabouts to June, and even agrees to serve as one of the guides he's entitled to as a result of defeating Douglas. And to us readers who aren't real well-versed in necromancy, she also provides key information regarding exactly what Sam's powers are and how they work.

In other words, she may be young, but she's mighty. Oh yeah—and she also likes waffles. A lot. But then again, who doesn't?

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