Study Guide

Bridin in Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

By Lish McBride


Every great paranormal hero has to have a love interest (Twilight, anyone?). In Sam's case, it's Bridin, who's one tough werewolf girl and future pack leader. The thing about Bridin is that she's nice enough, at least until you mess with her. It says something that even her dad is quick to not only notice this characteristic, but brag about it to Douglas. He explains:

"My daughter is a lot like me […] except less warm and fuzzy […] Takes after her mother, too […] Her ma would tear out your jugular as soon as look at you." (7.61)

For Sam, who's never met a werewolf before when he gets thrown into the cage, initial impressions of Bridin are less matter-of-fact. He tells us:

I didn't get the idea that she was shy or nervous. It made me think of a lion or some other predator peeking out through the bushes. Looking at her hazel eyes made me feel like a bunny. (19.28)

His observations turn out to be right—Bridin's definitely a girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take action, whether it's looking for just the right opportunity to bust out of the cage, change into a wolf, and attack Douglas, or seducing Sam as a way of relieving her tension.

Let's not forget this, though: No matter how hopeless her situation as Douglas's prisoner looks, the deck's definitely stacked in her favor since Bridin's next in line to inherit her dad's position as pack leader. In other words, her disappearance will be cared about once it's discovered, which is exactly what inspires the raid on Douglas's mansion.

The responsibility of being the future pack leader isn't one Bridin takes lightly, though—if anything, she has a tendency to take it too seriously. She's a perfectionist and quick to become upset over any flaws, which actually has the potential to hold her back. "You've got to stop putting this pressure on yourself," Brannoc tells her. "If you keep beating yourself up over small errors in judgment, you'll never make it" (6.49). Wise words, Brannoc. Bridin needs to learn how to move on, it seems.

All flaws set aside, when Bridin's not focusing on her weaknesses, she can be downright fierce. Sam gets to observe this firsthand when she changes into a wolf and dives out of cover after she and Sam work together to bust open the cage. "Even in her animal form, she was breathtaking," Sam observes. "Watching her move was like stumbling onto a hidden glade in the forest and finding a startled deer. Perfection of form and movement in nature—you can't help but be awed by it" (25.86). Well, it certainly sounds like Sam's awed, anyway. Which makes us go: Aw…

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