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Brooke in Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

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If Ashley is "Death in saddle shoes," then Brooke, Sam's feisty, female, burger-flipping friend from Plumpy's is "The devil in pigtails" (1.48). Brooke may look like your average movie cheerleader—"bouncy, blonde ponytail, clear blue eyes, and a wholesome smile that could turn any guy into man-putty" (1.18)—but watch out, because she's a man-eater. We first meet Brooke when she's making provocative poses with a milkshake as a way to get the overly eager Frank to crack. If that doesn't say it all, we don't know what does.

Here's what's particularly genius about Brooke's character, though: Even after Douglas murders her and sends her zombie head to Sam in the mail, her head still retains the same characteristics that make her friends love her in life. She orders Frank and Sam around, gets mad when they drop her on the floor, and generally yells a lot. "Body or no body, it was still Brooke," Sam says. "Only Brooke could be so bossy at a time like this" (4.102). She may lose her body, but Brooke never loses her Brooke-ness.

Want to know another quality Brooke keeps? She continues to be a pretty awesome friend, and how many disembodied heads can say that? She even accompanies the gang on their investigation to figure out what's going on with Sam and the whole necromancy business by hitching a ride in a bowling bag. And because of her continued awesomeness and loyalty, Brooke serves as a poignant reminder to Sam of what Douglas is capable of and why he must continue his quest.

Best of all, though, even after Sam reunites her head with the rest of her body in a graveyard ceremony, Brooke's spirit comes back to serve as one of Sam's advisers. "You didn't think I'd leave you losers on your own, did you?" (31.92) she says. So even though she's totally dead, she's still funny, bright, loyal, and totally Brooke. And she's not going anywhere.

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