Study Guide

Ramon in Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

By Lish McBride


Everyone should have at least one crazy best friend, and in Sam's case, it's the show tune singing, burger flipping, skateboarder extraordinaire, Ramon. It's more than likely that Ramon's the ringleader behind all the bizarre shenanigans at Plumpy's, from Potato Hockey to Guess What I Put in the Fryer to Let's See Who Can Make Frank Crack. He's just that kind of guy. Oh, and he's really good at working his Latino roots into everyday conversation. "You skinny white boys cook the burgers," Ramon tells Sam, "but I make love to them" (1.88). Ooh la la.

Aside from being the goofball who invents weird fast food-themed games, Ramon has one very significant character trait: He's totally loyal to Sam as his best friend. He's so loyal that near the end of the book, he transforms from Plumpy's Chief Prankster to Hero of the Day. As Mrs. W. and Tia begin the spell to break Sam's binding, Ramon decides to go rogue and conduct his own investigation of Sam's whereabouts.

Why? Because they're buddies, and buddies don't run from evil necromancers who collect human blood: "He was used to being the one that got them in trouble […] But he'd never before have to seriously worry about his safety or Sam's […] But what was he supposed to do? It was Sammy" (22.146-147). Then, he goes to Douglas's house and joins the werewolves in the Great Battle of Casa Douglas, during which he nails a bunch of lawn gnomes with his skateboard. Ramon for the win.

But there's one last detail in the book about Ramon, one that reveals a sacrifice he's made for his best friend. At the werewolf hospital after Sammy slays Douglas, Brid breaks the news that Ramon accidently got doused with were-bear blood in Douglas' laboratory, and, well… we all know what goes down when that happens. We can't say for sure, but the next book in the Necromancer series will likely focus on Sam adapting to having Brooke's spirit and Ramon the were-bear as his friends. After all, in the words of Bran, "He is family now" (30.164).