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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

She Loves Me Like a Rock

  • Sam, Ramon, and Brooke's head travel to the home of Sam's mom, Tia, to try to find out the truth about Sam's powers. Sam's mom is a hippie herbalist who lives in a house with a yard that resembles a jungle.
  • We also meet Sam's younger, more ambitious sister, Hayley. She's one of those people who's good at everything without having to work at being good at anything. Sam's simultaneously jealous and proud of this.
  • Sam's mom quickly realizes that something's up—the bruises all over his face give it away. As proof, Sam instructs Ramon to show her Brooke's head. Both Hayley and Sam's mom are shockingly not shocked by this.
  • Tia orders Ramon, Hayley, and Brooke's head into the living room so she can find out what's up. Understandably, Sam demands answers, and guilty of holding back a major secret for all these years, his mom begins to tell the story.

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