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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Sweet Child O' Mine

  • Tia begins by dropping another huge bombshell on Sam: She's a witch, which explains a lot, including her fixation on herbs and the creepy garden.
  • She shows Sam an incomplete cloth family tree she started to make for her first husband, Kevin. She tells him that Kevin gave extremely sketchy details about his family, so she did some magic to find out the name of his brother, Nick.
  • When she paid Nick a visit in his isolated cabin in the hills of Oregon, she learned that Kevin's family had more baggage than she bargained for: Nick was a necromancer. The necromancer gene never took root in Kevin, but that doesn't mean Tia's child couldn't have it, too.
  • Nick warned Tia against telling Kevin anything about her witch status because it would freak him out too much—Nick wasn't hiding out in the mountains for no reason.
  • He also warned her about Douglas, whom we all know is totally bonkers and totally dangerous.
  • When Sam was born, Tia did a spell with special herbs to determine if he had the necromancing gene, and was disturbed to find that he did. With this new information, she gave him his name. She'd already decided on Samhain because it would tick Kevin off. But what for a middle name?
  • As if on cue, a bunch of crows started gathering outside the window, accompanied by a really honkin' big head crow that scared her pants off.
  • Taking the crow gathering as some kind of omen, she chose to give Sam the middle name of Corvus—the Latin word for crow.

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