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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

The Devil Inside

  • With all the family secrets now out in the open, Sam tries to cope with what he's just heard. Tia tells him that the binding didn't completely do the trick—his power was so great that it kept leaking out—so in response, Tia made his medicine bag as a third line of defense to keep him hidden.
  • Sam begins to sense some disturbing emotions from his mom and can tell that she's afraid of him. She initially denies it, but later admits that his power is something truly frightening.
  • This only adds to the anger Sam feels about her keeping such a huge secret from him. Because he is just now finding out about the necromancer thing, Douglas is after him, Brooke is dead, and his own life is at stake. In response to this, Sam storms out of the house and refuses to accept Tia's apology.
  • Before he leaves, Sam has a chat with Hayley, who makes one last effort to convince him to forgive their mom. Sam refuses, but asks Hayley if she wants to take a trip next week to visit their dad's grave.

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