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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Papa Was a Rolling Stone

  • Sam takes the ferry across Puget Sound to Bainbridge, a wooded island. He's hoping to get to sit down and talk this thing out with Kevin himself.
  • When he arrives at Kevin's house (courtesy of finding the address online), Kevin's hot trophy wife, Elaine, greets him and offers him cookies. Sam realizes that maybe Mrs. Winalski is right—if he thinks his stepmother is hot, there's something very wrong with this picture.
  • Sam asks Elaine if she's ever met Nick. There was one extremely awkward incident after her oldest daughter, Lilly, was born, when he came to visit while Kevin wasn't home.
  • Kevin abruptly returned home, having forgotten his keys, and totally freaked out on Nick and kicked him out. He told Elaine that Nick had "issues," but not to worry because Elaine's great genes would override it.
  • Then, Elaine asks Sam a really messed up question: Is Nick his father? Sam realizes that to get rid of him, Kevin tried to start over with Elaine by making it sound like Sam was Nick's son and Tia cheated on Kevin with him. Awesome.
  • Sam goes to the bathroom to accomplish his real mission: getting a lock of Kevin's hair so Tia can do her witch thing and track down Nick. Unfortunately, Elaine sent him to the guest bathroom, which doesn't get a lot of hair action, so his search turns up nothing.
  • On his way out, Lilly comes up to Elaine and says her sister, Sara, wet the bed during their naptime. While Elaine disappears to handle the situation, Sam chats with Lilly. When they shake hands, her hand is ice cold, and she can immediately tell that he is "like her."
  • Oh snap. Elaine's allegedly great genes didn't win. In an effort to escape his past, Kevin's just created a whole genetic army of necromancing offspring.
  • Lilly has pictures she's drawn of the dead people she can see. She shows them to Sam and asks if her friends are real, because her mom thinks they're just your average, run-of-the-mill imaginary friends.
  • For a moment, Sam debates telling her that they are imaginary—but since his current situation is proof positive of the fact that lying gets you nowhere, he tells her they are real. Sam asks Lilly to get him a piece of Kevin's hair, and she brings him a small travel brush.
  • Before he leaves, Sam meets Sara. She, too, has the necromancing power. He doesn't even have to shake her hand; he only has to look at her. He gives Elaine his number, with the intention of someday being able to offer help to the girls.

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