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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Don't Rock the Boat, Baby

  • In a shocking turn of events, Douglas and Michael are Sam's abductors. Actually, maybe that's not really all that shocking. Still, he's in the back of Douglas's van and they're arguing about whether it's worth putting a seatbelt on him when they intend to kill him anyway.
  • Back at Douglas's House of Horrors, they throw Sam in the same cage as Bridin, who picks a fight with Michael by saying she thinks Sam's cute. Things eventually escalate to the two of them calling each other inbred.
  • Later, in his office, Douglas gets a visit from James… who seems to be a talking cat? Seriously—he has soft, padding feet, a tail, and arches his back. So, meow.
  • James reminds Douglas that the capture of Sam and Bridin has significantly increased his power, but that the Councils are growing weary of his manipulative tactics. If he tries to take over completely, it could result in war, as well as a bunch of paranormal creatures.

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