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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Kick-Start My Heart

  • Sam wakes up in the cage with Bridin. His head hurts and his eyes are painfully sensitive to light; Bridin says he's had a concussion.
  • He's shocked because Bridin is really sexy. And really naked.
  • He takes off his shirt and boxers so she can have some clothes, though he knows he'll regret it later.
  • Since Sam knows as much about the werewolf realm as we do, we finally get to learn about it as Bridin explains her life to him. She's actually half werewolf and half fey-hound, which is a way of saying she's half-fairy and half-hound.
  • She also explains the conflict going on with the werewolf community. Some time ago, they'd decided to start mating with the fey-hounds to strengthen the pack. Not everyone approved of this this, though, and the purebred werewolf party staged a rebellion that left a lot of wolves dead, including Bridin's mom.
  • Douglas shows up. He tells Sam that he knew he wasn't going to join Team Douglas, so he was abducted. He reiterates Sam's original ultimatum: He can allow Douglas to train him, or he can die. Right now. No pressure or anything.
  • Sam chooses to be trained, because he doesn't really have a choice or anything, so Douglas demonstrates how spirits are conjured using a magic circle drawn on the floor, which somehow links the world of the living to the world of the dead.
  • Sam makes an attempt at this, and immediately, an army of bloodied ghosts emerges and they attack him into a massive experience of pain.
  • Back in his cage, Sam hopes that June will soon send the help she promised.

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