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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

C'mon, Baby, Don't Fear the Reaper

  • Michael allows Bridin and Sam to take showers, which has to feel awesome after being locked in a cage in a haunted dungeon. As Sam awaits his turn, he meets a black spotted cat, whom we all know is James, and thinks it's nice to see a normal animal for once. Um, think again.
  • Back in the cage, they get a breakfast of bread, cheese, and stew. Sam's surprised that they aren't starving them, but Bridin says it's because she needs more protein and has a faster metabolism.
  • Bridin explains to Sam that part of the reason she hates Michael so much is that the pack considers him persona non grata after he helped lead the rebellion that left her mom dead.
  • Later that day, Douglas's torturous lessons continue. This time, Douglas cuts his arm and makes him bleed as part of the next ritual, but because of the binding, Sam's powers won't get with the program.
  • As a result, Michael brings in a gray dove and Douglas asks Sam to help him kill it. When Sam objects to inflicting needless suffering on an animal, he explains that a sacrifice must be offered every time they enter the domain of death as necromancers—and that Douglas can kill either the dove or him. That settles that, we suppose.
  • With the sacrifice sufficiently paid, Douglas raises a dude named David from the dead, recognizing him as a guy who disappeared about a month ago. Sam interviews David about his murder and Douglas forces him to clean up the scary laboratory as some kind of zombie slave and reenact his death.
  • Douglas returns Sam to the cage, where he recounts his lesson for Bridin. She flirts with him and kisses him on the cheek. Being imprisoned in a scary dungeon aren't exactly ideal circumstances for romance, but Sam seems to be glad there's at least one good thing going on here.
  • Later, a good thing turns into something kind of awesome for the captives. Bridin is starting to wig out because she's been locked up too long and can't change, so as a way to relieve her insanity, she and Sam end up having human/werewolf sex.
  • When they're finished, things get super awkward when a little girl wearing what looks like a Catholic school uniform walks in on them. Her name is Ashley, and she's been sent by June to help Sam out of his jam.
  • Ashley is a Harbinger, which she describes as a guide for souls. We prefer Sam's description, though: "Death in Saddle Shoes." Call her what you will, but it looks like Sam's help has finally arrived.

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