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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Make a Little Birdhouse in My Soul

  • Sam recounts the events of the last few days to Ashley, who wishes she had popcorn so she could properly enjoy his misery.
  • When he gets to the part about necromancy running in his dad's family, he asks Ashley if it would be possible for her to check on the safety of his cousins—after all, Douglas going for little children doesn't exactly make for a great plot twist. She agrees.
  • Ashley also enlightens Sam to some of the more nuanced aspects of being a necromancer, specifically that blood offerings can get you a power boost within the circle, especially when you want to raise the dead.
  • She also tells Sam something unusual: Both his mom's and Nick's bindings of his powers worked. This explains not only why he had no awareness of his power, but why he's kind of always felt out of place—a strange, but significant part of him has been missing.
  • Ashley starts getting ready to leave, and Sam asks her if she could let Bridin's pack and his friends know where they are. Problem is, being dead comes with the harbinger territory, and only people like Sam (and those with them) can, well, see dead people.
  • Ashley can, however, communicate with June, who can send messages to the parties in question. Ashley agrees to do this in exchange for a small price: fancy waffles with whipped cream and fruit and all that jazz every day for six months. Apparently, dead people really like breakfast.

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