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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

School's Out Forever

  • Back in Douglas Montgomery's Chamber of Horrors, Sam is pretty much flunking Raising the Dead 101—and Douglas is taking his frustrations out on him.
  • When your back's already been torn to shreds by a werewolf and now an evil necromancer is whipping you with a riding crop, things have officially gotten out of control. Sam decides to bring out the big guns.
  • Remembering Ashley's instructions about blood making a necromancer circle more powerful, Sam uses fresh blood from his back to scrape the inside of the circle.
  • Things kind of get out of control from here: A giant hole in the air opens up, revealing Ashley talking to a pro-wrestler with a jackal's head. His name is Ed.
  • Ashley tells Sam she's super impressed—apparently, not many people can bring Ed to life.
  • Ed and Douglas get into a fight about something, and when Ed vanishes, Douglas starts smacking the daylights out of Sam again, asking if he's aware of what he's done. Apparently not.

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