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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

I'm Gonna Break My Rusty Cage and Run

  • Sam wakes up strapped to a torture table and completely unaware of what Douglas is doing to him. To get some answers, Bridin suggests he summon Ashley.
  • When he does, she explains that Douglas is ticked because Sam summoned Ed—a higher-level entity he isn't even supposed to be able to resurrect. They put two and two together and figure out that Tia and Mrs. W.'s binding snapping spell must have worked.
  • Ashley helps Bridin bust out of her cage by telling Sam how to break the necromancy spell on it. Bridin then frees Sam.
  • Sam has to pretend to not be free when Michael and Douglas show up. As Douglas explains to Sam that he is about to kill him to steal his power (remember that business with his aunt all those years ago?), Bridin changes into a werewolf and attacks him.
  • In the midst of the attack, the cat Sam was petting when he first got there shows up and starts talking to Douglas. You'd think that after dealing with zombie pandas, decapitated cheerleaders, little girl necromancers, and werewolves that a talking cat would seem normal, but Sam's pretty freaked out.
  • James the Talking Cat tells Douglas that Ramon and the were-gang are outside about to storm the gates. Douglas grabs a knife and declares that the fight is on.

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